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MangoCareer.com is a smart Job search Website & Mobile App.

MangoCareer.com team is focusing on easing the points that any Job seeker comes across while doing a job search.

MangoCareer.com contains below modules for any registered users:

  1. Training Search

  2. Job Search

  3. Instant Online Interview

  4. Quick Job

  5. Authentic Check

  6. User Wallet


MangoCareer.com TRAINING SEARCH:

MangoCareer.com allows candidates to search for the training. Candidates can search for relevant training Lab or Online and register for the same. Candidates can also request-call-back and a given training partner will connect the candidate for any queries or questions.

For ‘Training search’, visit https://www.mangocareer.com/training_search


MangoCareer.com JOB SEARCH:

MangoCareer.com allows candidates to search for the job. Candidates can search for relevant jobs and apply for the same.

For ‘Job search’, visit https://www.mangocareer.com/Job_search



MangoCareer.com allows candidates to opt for the 1st round of interview online. This is the online set of questions relevant to the skills required for the given job. Candidates can opt for this online test. Ratings are given at the end of the test which helps the recruiter to shortlist the candidate for the telephonic or face-to-face round whichever applicable.

Candidates registered on the site can opt for 1st Instant Online Interview for free. Further candidates can subscribe for more interviews with a small service fee.

To opt for ‘Instant Online Interviews’, visit https://www.mangocareer.com/instant_online_interview


MangoCareer.com QUICK JOB:

MangoCareer.com allows candidates to subscribe for ‘Quick Job’ service where candidates can opt for unlimited interviews for specified time. As many number of interview candidates opt for and get good rating chances of shortlisting increases more. MangoCareer.com allows candidates to subscribe for this service with flexible timelines.

To opt for ‘Quick Job’, visit https://www.mangocareer.com/quick_job


MangoCareer.com AUTHENTIC CHECK:

MangoCareer.com allows candidates to subscribe for ‘Authentic Check’ service where candidates can opt for self-background screening. This service includes verification of candidates personal and academic and employment details. The candidates subscribed will be verified and marked as Authentic on their profile. The benefit of marking self as authentic is, many recruiters would prefer shortlisting the candidate who is already verified. Hence, chances of candidates getting shortlisted increases. MangoCareer.com is partnering with 3rd party vendors for executing the verification operations.

To opt for ‘Authentic Check’, visit https://www.mangocareer.com/authentic_check


MangoCareer.com USER WALLET:

MangoCareer.com assigns a wallet for registered users with credit of INR 1000 as a gift. Whenever a registered candidate registers for any training from MangoCareer website. 10% of the training cost amount gets redeemed from their wallet. So, the candidate saves 10% of the fees cost as a benefit for registering via MangoCareer.com. Apart from this, the candidates get the option to invite their friends and colleagues to register on MangoCareer.com website. Amount of INR 100 gets credited to the user wallet for each new registration of the invitee.

To access ‘User Wallet’, visit https://www.mangocareer.com/user_wallet


MangoCareer.com is founded by ‘Vijay Jamdar’, an IT Professional with 12+ years of work experience across multiple Microsoft Products & Technologies.

Website is owned by his company ‘Nihira Infotech’.

Website is designed by his business peers ‘Digi Interface’.

The main focus of MangoCareer.com is to simplify the Job search and Training search process for the candidates as per their relevance.



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User can login to all products with the same mobile number and password.

Visit website www.NihiraInfotech.com to check the list of all our products.


In case of any doubts or questions with the above given information, connect us on below:

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