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What is ‘Instant Online Interview’?

Opt for 1st round of Interview ONLINE.

Recruiters check your rating and schedule 2nd round of Telephonic or Video or F2F Interview.

Benefit of ‘Instant Online Interview’?

Don’t wait for any recruiter to call you or connect you.

Check on the list and opt for relevant interviews on your own.

How It Work ?

Instant Online Service allows candidate to opt for 1st round of interview online.

Interview setup with the Job post can be with single or multiple skill test relevant for given job post.

Candidate will need to go through theory questions and select the right options.

Ratings and total time taken will be shown at the end of the test as a result.

Benefit? - Ratings given at the end of the test helps recruiter to shortlist the candidate for the next telephonic or face-to-face round whichever applicable. allows candidate to opt One Instant Online Interview for free.


Further subscribing for relevant package allows candidates to opt for those number of Instant Online Interview. For opting unlimited interviews for 1 or 2 month, candidate can opt for the ‘QUICK JOB’ service.